• For your own safety it is strictly forbidden to stand or play in the road to the yard.
  • You are required to walk around the school showing proper consideration for other and where possible keeping to the right,
  • On the yard (or field) you must act and play in such a way that shows care for others.
  • During indoor breaks or lunch hours you must sit at a desk in your own form room.
  • You must be punctual for the start of school and lessons, arriving by 8:40 am and 1.20pm.
    Do not enter school until the bell rings.
  • At the beginning of the break and lunch hour you must leave the building as soon as possible.
  • A uniform list exists, every effort must be made to keep to it.
  • Chewing gum is strictly forbidden.
  • You must ensure Valley Gardens Middle School is a litter free zone.
  • You must co-operate and show respect to all pupils and adults within the school.


Thank you for your co-operation.