The School Day

Children to be at school by 8.40 a.m. or 1.00 p.m.

8:35 am: Pupils come into school from the yard and go to their form class.

8:40 am: Pupils are registered in their form classes. If pupils have a mobile phone they must give this to their form teacher who will lock it in a secure area for pupils to collect at the end of the day.

8:50 am: Lesson one begins. Pupils go to the classroom they have their first lesson in.

9:50 am: Lesson two begins. Pupils go to the classroom they have their second lesson in.

10:50 am: Morning break. Pupils go to the designated area for each year group for their break (either 3G or main yard). In the event of bad weather, pupils will spend indoor breaks sitting down inside their form classroom.

11:05 am: Lesson three begins. Pupils make their way to the relevant classroom.

12:05 pm: Lunchtime starts. Pupils go onto the yard or 3G (depending on their year group) and are then called for in year group order to have their lunch. If pupils have a packed lunch they bring this with them out onto the yard at the start of lunchtime, and then take it into the hall when they are called in.

1:00 pm – Afternoon registration. Pupils go to their form classes for afternoon registration. Whole year group assemblies in the school hall will normally take place during this time, with each year group having a different day for their assembly. Other activities that take place include singing, thought for the week and handwriting practice. Every four weeks, pupils will have a headteacher’s assembly. This is a celebration of pupils’ achievements over the previous four weeks, and parents of two children per form class are invited to attend to celebrate their child’s success.

1:25 pm – Lesson four begins. Pupils go to their timetabled classroom.

2:25 pm – Lesson five begins. Pupils go to their timetabled classroom.

3:25 pm – The bell rings for the ends of the school day. If pupils need to collect their mobile phones, they return to their form classes. Pupils without mobile phones are free to make their way home via their designated exit.

Our total school time for a typical week is 33 hours and 45 mins.

Extra-curricular activities: These activities take place before and after school, as well as at lunchtimes. A full timetable can be found here.

The School Timetable

Pupils at Valley Gardens follow a two week timetable. This means that their timetables will vary slightly between week A and week B. Pupils’ planners include a schedule of which week corresponds to which date.

Please see below an example of a typical Y5 student’s timetable: