As a school, we recognise the importance of transition from first school to middle school and that it is a big step full of emotions; some sadness at leaving first school but also excitement at the opportunities that middle school brings, from making new friends to new clubs and experiences. We look forward to working with you to ensure your child thrives during their time at Valley Gardens. 

We are working on a Transition Project this year with the aim to offer as many opportunities as possible to visit Valley Gardens and for our staff and pupils to work with the children in their first schools. There will also be two transition days on 5th and 6th July where the children meet their new form teacher and classmates and get to know their new surroundings over the two days. We are determined to make your child’s transition to Valley Gardens Middle School as informative and supportive as possible so that your child can meet their new teacher and answer any questions they may have so they can spend their summer having a well-deserved break and getting excited about their next step. 

Optional Summer Task

Secret Agent Y5 Transition Booklet (1)

Virtual Tour

We have created a virtual tour of our building so that the children can get a mental picture of the place, and for the parents, we will post all of our transition info on this page along with any forms that you will need to download and print off. 

(Please note – much of the videoing was done whilst the school was only partially open to the children of Key Workers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Some classroom and corridors may have tables and chairs in them, and classrooms may well be arranged to enable social distancing.)

A video introduction to Valley Gardens Middle School:

A video tour of our school:

Some of the people you will meet: