Dear Pupil,

For your own safety and that of others, please read our guide and rules for taking part in remote lessons.

  • You should be the only person from your home that can be seen or heard in a live lesson.[1]
  • When taking part in a live lesson you should wear headphones. This makes it safer for everyone.
  • You should be dressed appropriately[2] and be ready to learn.
  • You should try to have a neutral or blurred background behind you when you are visible.[3]
  • When you start the lesson, mute your microphone and don’t write anything in any chat boxes, until a teacher has told you to start
  • If a teacher asks you to put on your camera for a moment to check you are present and that you are okay – please do so.
  • You should show kindness and respect at all times. Rude or unacceptable behaviour in class will result in you being removed from the classroom and your parents being contacted.  Teachers will still give out epraise points and demerits for good/bad behaviour.
  • All the sessions are recorded for your safety and you must not make any of your own recordings.
  • You must not use nicknames or a fake name whilst using remote learning.
  • If something happens that you are worried about, you should contact your teacher or get your parents to contact the school. You can also use the Share and Care form on your homepage to bring up a worry.[4]
  • You should leave a virtual classroom if there is no teacher or responsible adult inside.
  • Online safety is very important. You must only use the websites that your teacher directs you to and you must not share any information about your learning with anyone else online outside of your class.

[1] It is polite to remind other people in your house that you are in a virtual lesson so they don’t forget and accidentally wander into the background or shout something embarrassing in the house that they wouldn’t want your classmates to hear. If this does happen, let your teacher know and they will help.

[2] You don’t have to wear school uniform when working from home, but you should wear clothing that is appropriate to wear online and be seen by others.  For instance, you shouldn’t be wearing pyjamas.

[3]  Remember other people might be able to see what is in your background, so avoid photos of family members and personal items where possible. You can blur your background on Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

[4] If your parent/carer needs to talk to a teacher – please ask them not to do this during a live lesson. They should contact the school office or your teacher outside of the lesson time.


Virtual Learning Protocols