September 2020


Governing Body
Name Appointed by From To
Bartlet Sarah Parents 27/02/2020 26/02/2024
Comrie Robin Foundation/Trust 15/06/2017 14/06/2021
Gardiner Helen Parents 27/02/2020 26/02/2024
Gaughan Rebecca Parents 27/02/2020 26/02/2024
Godfrey David Governing Body 11/04/2016
Grundy Kristian School staff 10/11/2018 09/11/2022
Heaford Nick Governing Body 04/07/2017 03/07/2021
Hope Matt Governing Body 11/12/2013 10/12/2021
Johnson Lynn Governing Body 17/12/2019 16/12/2023
Leighton Julian Parents 01/03/20218 28/02/2022
Nazlie Helen Parents 27/02/2020 26/02/2024
Pollock Julia Governing Body 19/12/2017 18/12/2021
Silmon Mark Governing Body 27/03/2018 26/03/2022
Staerck Louisa Parents 27/02/2020 26/02/2024
Tose Alasdair Governing Body 27/02/2020 26/02/2024
Weddle Sarah Foundation/Trust 19/07/2017 18/07/2021

Please see the document below for information about our governors, their pecuniary interests and business interests, their committee membership and their attendance:

As well as working as a collective governing body, the governors sit on one of two committees, the Standards committee or the Resources committee.

The annual statutory business of the governing body is outlined below and shows which elements are delegated to committees or individuals :

Meeting Dates