Jack Purves

Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

This is a fictional story about a boy with lots of money. This book is for children aged between 8 and 11 years old.

This book is funny and would appeal to everyone 8 and over who want to read a light-hearted book because it is about a young boy called Joe and his dad is a multi-millionaire but hasn’t always been. He has a company called Bum-fresh which is what made them rich. But there is one thing that Joe does not have. Friends. The story is about this boy switching schools and looking for friends. Does he find a friend in the end? It covers topics that people are going through but he makes it sound funny, for example being divorced, having no friends and changing schools.



Joel Richardson

The Silver Sword by  Ian Serraillier

This book is about 3 young Polish children, Ruth 12, Edek 11 and 3 year old Bronia Balicki and the search for their parents Joseph and Margrait Balicki who had been taken from the family home by the Nazi’s during WW2.

The story begins when Joseph (the father) escapes from a prisoner of war camp in Zakyna and returns to Warsaw to look for his family.

Ruth, Edek and Bronia’s home had been destroyed and they end up living in a bombed out celler, they had to steal food and scrounge for anything that could make their lives a little easier, this was when Edek was caught stealing for food for him and his sisters and he got arrested leaving the 2 girls on their own. One day the sisters meet up with a boy called Jan, they discover Jan had been given a Silver Sword by a man that was looking for his family. The children soon realise that this man was their father – he has told Jan he was going to Switzerland (where his wife came from) because he couldn’t find his own family.

The children together with Jan begin their journey to find their parents. The journey is long and the children face many upsets along the way, such as having to walk for hours in the freezing cold, sleep where ever they could and avoid capture from the German Soldiers. During the journey the children discover where Edek is (another camp) but it wasn’t as easy as just going to rescue him.

After many weary months they eventually find themselves at a Red Cross camp at Lake Constance (this borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland) the authorities finally manage to contact the children’s parents.

When at the camp the children go down to the lake, there is a storm and they nearly lose their lives but Jan helped them and they survive – Finally the journey is over.

This book was really good, I enjoyed reading it and it kept me interested, I would recommend it to others to read it.



Oliver Gould

Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan.

The genre for this story is Greek and Roman mythology – mixed together. It is a fantasy book and it is a bit dramatic and confusing at parts. In this book, there are is no main characters. This is because the author has cleverly but the book in every single different character’s perspective, even though it is in third person. I’d say the overall main character, though, is Jason. He has come from somewhere he forgot, and he has no memory of anything before arriving at the camp. He is the son of Zeus, although he likes to call the gods their roman names, even though he is at a Greek camp. He is 16. He has coin, where when he flips it will either turn into à sword if it lands on heads or an electric spear if it lands on tails.

Jason has appeared at camp half-blood. He has no idea how he got there, where he came from, what his last name is or why he is there. Him and his new friends, Leo and Piper, have to go on à mission to save queen Hera from dying and causing the giants to wake. Also, everyone is working for an earth person, who is somehow asleep. Can Jason save the day?

I think that this book would appeal to anyone from 10-14 because it is quite confusing, but other than that it is brilliant. It is dramatic though, and has a brilliant sense of humour.



Chrysanthi Rigopoulou

A Murder Most Unladylike  by Robin Stevens

Genre: Mystery and adventure

Who would this appeal to and why?

Children that enjoy murder stories without being frightened; who like reading adventure and mystery genres. There are some quite scary parts in the book, as for example when they discover a dead body, but this doesn’t mean you cannot have fun trying to work out who the murderer is!



Tanith Alderson

Time travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford

Genre : Adventure, Fantasy and comedy.

The main character is Al Chaudhury he is quite little, outgoing, brave and not afraid to break the rules. He is smart as he knows what to do when something bad happens and does not freak out. He has a hamster and likes animals. He is quite confident and doesn’t really care about what other people think of him.

Al lost his father when he was little and has grown up with his step-dad and mum. On his birthday he receives a letter from his dad saying about time travel! His dad is asking him to save his life so he goes back in time and the story is about him trying and learning about life.

This would appeal to 8-11 year olds as it might have some words in that are hard to work out but it has quite a fun base line so is fun to read.



Eleanor Beswick

White Boots by Noel Streatfeild

I think there are 2 main characters.

Harriet Johnson is a girl who gets older throughout the book but starts off at the age of 9. She is very nice, best friends with Lalla and lives with her 3 brothers: Toby, Alec and Edward, her mum, Olivia and her dad, George. She got ill when she was 8-9 so her legs became quite weak so her doctor advises her to start skating leading on to be a fun hobby and skill.

Lalla Moore is a girl who gets older throughout the book and also starts off at 9. She is very good at skating and lives with her Aunt, Step-Uncle, Nanny and staff. She is also tutored at home because she skates most of the day. Her strength is being good at ice skating because her father was a champion skater so when he and Lalla’s mum died her Lalla’s Aunt made Lalla start skating.

This book is about Harriet Johnson who has just recovered from being ill. Her doctor suggests taking up ice skating to help her legs get stronger and when she gets to the ice rink he meets the daughter of Cyril Moore, the champion skater who drowned. Will their friendship stay strong or crack on the ice?

This would appeal to anyone who likes ice skating or would like to know about it, other books by Noel Streatfeild or likes stories that have twists in.



My book review for Evie’s Ghost written by Helen Peters. Review by Imogen Hearn

I have just finished reading this book and I loved it so much I read it in 2 days! 

It is a story about a 12-year-old girl called Evie who discovers in the middle of night she can go back in time. She must help a young woman called Sophia Fane who is due to be locked in her room, because she will not marry a man, for the rest of her life. Evie must work hard as a housemaid, but makes friends with Polly, another housemaid. She realises that she has come back in time to help Sophia. Evie eventually helps Sophia run away with her true love called Robert. When she goes back into the future, she discovers some loose nails in the floor bords under a mat. She pulled the floorboards open and found a book about Sophia and Roberts life and then a letter from Sophia saying how thankful she is that she had helped her.

My favourite character was Polly the girl that had helped Evie with the housework.

My least favourite character was Mrs Hardwick the housekeeper who slapped all the scullery maids.

My favourite part of the story was the bit at the end when Evie found the letter and book from Sophia Fane.

My least favourite part of the story was the bit when Sophia got locked up in her room. 

I would definitely recommend this book. This author has written two other books that I would like to read – The Farm Beneath the Water and The Secret Hen House Theatre.



A Tangle of Spells by Michelle Harrison review by Ms Kerr

This is the third book in the series which see the Widdershins sisters move from their home in Crowstone to Blackbird Cottage in Pendlewick.  Little do they suspect that they are about to be caught up in a dangerous spell which is cast over the village and a race against time to save themselves and the villagers.

I loved reading this book, probably more than the other two and would recommend it for Year 5 to 7…or older.

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