Support and help

Valley Gardens Middle School takes the mental health of all staff and pupils very seriously and we recognise that there will be times when our young people require extra help and support in their lives.

Your child may be going through a difficult time, or you may be concerned about their mental health.  There may have been a bereavement in the family or some other form of trauma that has impacted negatively on your family.

The school can offer a range of support at such times – further information about each one can be found below:

  • Signposting and Pastoral Support
  • Thrive
  • Counselling
  • Early Help Assessments & CAMHS

Signposting & Pastoral Support

If your are concerned about your child, you should first contact your child’s Form Teacher or Head of Year for an initial discussion to raise your concerns.  They will be able to outline what help and support the school can offer as well as guide you to useful resources and services you can access to support your child further.  We have included links to some of them below.

North Tyneside and its partners offer many ways to support children and young people’s mental health. Please find a downloadable PDF with suggestions of approved services below.  Staff are happy to recommend which services will be most appropriate for your child:

Other Useful Services:


Valley Gardens is an adopter of the Thrive model.  Thrive is a trained approach that aims to support the social and emotional development of children and young people.  The school currently has two Thrive practitioners who are able to assess and work with children who may benefit from this approach. They will be happy to talk through how the Thrive approach may benefit your child.

School Counselling

If your child is in need of more significant support, Valley Gardens employs a full-time school counsellor. Please see more detailed information on our School Counsellor page

Early Help Assessment & CAMHS

The school also works with external agencies and we are happy to support and help with a referral to Early Help.  Early Help is a process that is run by the local authority.  Professionals and family members are able to meet to have discussions on how best to support the family and put the steps in place to help support.

Early Help

The school is also happy to help support with referrals to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) who can assess your child and put mental health support in place.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health service (CAMHS)