At Valley Gardens Middle School, our biggest priority is the safety of our pupils.
The safety and wellbeing of pupils is referred to in schools as safeguarding, and this duty to take care of children and keep them safe covers many different aspects of their daily lives.  The vast majority of our work in this area involves us simply being vigilant and doing as much as we can to prevent accidents from happening and reacting appropriately when they do. However, there are lots of other measures that we take to make sure your children are safe in school. We use the document below, “Keeping Children Safe in Education” to guide our work in this area and to keep us up to date on the latest practice that schools should adopt.

This guidance applies to all schools and is for:

  • headteachers, teachers and staff
  • governing bodies, proprietors and management committees

It sets out the legal duties that schools must follow to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people under the age of 18 in schools and colleges.

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