Pupil Premium is the additional funding that schools receive to support groups of pupils who may be vulnerable to underachievement for a number of reasons.  The pupils who are eligible for this funding are pupils who receive free school meals (or have at some point during the last 6 years); children who are looked after by the local authority; adopted children and children of armed service personnel.

The funding is provided to schools to use in a variety of ways to raise attainment of ‘disadvantaged pupils’.  Schools can decide on the best way to do this for their children.  The Valley Gardens Pupil Premium Plan and impact analysis can be found below, enabling parents to see how much funding we receive, how it is spent and the impact on attainment and progress of pupils.

If you think your child may be eligible for the pupil premium but is not currently receiving it, please contact the school office.

Pupil Premium at Valley Gardens Middle School

2021/22 Pupil Premium Plan

The Government is providing additional funding for maintained schools and academies to “raise the attainment” of disadvantaged children and address the inequalities between children eligible for free school meals and their peers. At Valley Gardens, we have a small cohort of pupil premium pupils. In deciding how to spend our pupil premium grant we use the best research evidence available from organisations such as the Sutton Trust, The Rowntree foundation and Ofsted,  to help us to create individual plans for each of our pupil premium learners.

It is important to note that the pupil premium is not ring fenced funding for individual pupils and it is for the school to decide how best to use the collective money to raise the achievement of eligible pupils. However, at Valley Gardens Middle, we consult with the young people concerned to establish what actions would best help their progress. At Valley Gardens, our current pupil premium strategy is weighted towards Key Stage 2 to enable pupils to achieve as highly as possible by the end of Keys stage 2 so that they are secondary ready.

Below is our spending plan and strategy for raising the attainment and progress of our pupil premium pupils in the academic year 2021/22

The document below shows information about the school’s use of the pupil premium in 2020/21 and the impact it has had:

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