Following Frankenstein is by Catherine Brunton. Catherine has also written No Ballet Shoes In Syria, Another Twist In The Tale and We Can Be Heroes.

A girl called Maggie, who lives on the docks of a small village with her aunt, is the main character in this book. She doesn’t live with her father because he is always away, wanting to find Frankenstein’s creation.

When Maggie’s aunt dies, Maggie is so disappointed because her aunt was the one who looked after her. Her father goes away on a ship on one of his quests. He has made a deal with a mysterious man to go hunting for the creature Frankenstein and Maggie is worried about him so she stows away on the ship too.

When they do find the creature, they find out that it isn’t the creature that they thought it was but it is the son of the creature. Soon Maggie learns that he isn’t so much a creature but a boy. When Maggie discovers he has a name, Kata,they become friends.

This is an adventure of a lifetime with unpredictable events, lots of plot twists and an unlikely friendship. My favorite character is Maggie because she is an adventurous girl with a mind of her own, a bit like me!

I would recommend this book to any who loves plot twists and adventures.