After 3 years of success at f1 in schools, with teams reaching the National finals for 3 years running we took a break in 2018/19, but this year we are back!
The school will compete at regional level. To help with the skills needed for the F1 competition pupils in year 7/8 spend a week at Nissan completing an Industrial Cadets course.
This years teams look better than ever! A sneek preview of their work can be seen below!  This years team are Aero and Sufrajets. Follow team aeron on twitter @AeroF15

2017-2018 Teams

Click for more information on Team Optimum

Click for more information on Team Spiro


2016-2017 Teams

Team Mako in Silverstone for the Nationals

Team Surge
Best engineered car, and best Team identity! Well done team Surge

Team Illusion

Well done team illusion. Won innovation award and judges recommendation!