Sports Clubs

At VGMS, we pride ourselves on having a thriving extra-curricular sports programme which offers a range of activities and something for everyone. All pupils are welcome to attend sports clubs. There will be times where teams are selected to represent the school at competitions and fixtures, however, all clubs operate an open door policy and we would like to encourage as many pupils as possible to attend and commit to at least one sports club. The government suggests that pupils and young people should have access to 60 minutes of sport and physical activity per day. 30 minutes of this should be delivered in the school day so attending a sports club is an excellent way of achieving this crucial lifestyle target.

The benefits of regular attendance at extracurricular activities are widespread. In terms of physical well being, pupils will improve their fitness, skills and overall health. There are also a number of mental health benefits including reduced anxiety, stress relief and increased cognitive functioning. Other positive side effects include: better self esteem, improved mood and the opportunity to build new friendships.

Please see below for the current extra-curricular timetable and if you have any queries about any sports clubs, please contact [email protected]

Please see table below for sports clubs including times and locations