Year 8

Project 1: Leadership through sport

In this unit, pupils will consider the qualities needed to be a successful leader. They will also take part in a number of practical lessons designed to develop their leadership skills and understand what is required when planning a lesson. For the outcome, students will work in small groups to design and deliver a lesson to feeder school pupils. 

Project 2: Climate Change**

In this unit we will challenge our community to shrink their carbon footprint.  We will design a climate change challenge, to be documented in a professionally designed leaflet and explained in a professionally delivered presentation.  We will target our whole school community, opening the challenge to pupils from every year group and we will also ‘tour’ our challenge and ask our feeder first schools to take part.  We will gather data from this challenge, which we will analyse and evaluate our impact.

We will present our findings to an invited audience of VIPs.

** This project is currently being redeveloped as we have a project partnership with Newcastle University.

Project 3: Documentary

Students research, write and film a documentary about a chosen aspect of  the local area. We explored the features of a documentary before learning about different filming and editing techniques. We then conducted some fieldwork and went to the sea front and filmed on location. As part of the filming, some groups conducted interviews with members of the public. The purpose was to show pride in the local area or investigate an issue which interested the group.  This was then filmed on location and edited by students before presenting them to the class.