Drama – Voice for the Voiceless
In this Project Based Learning module, we develop performance and drama skills with an aim to creating and performing a short monologue about a group that cannot easily speak up for itself. Pupils will study and perform existing monologues, learning key drama techniques such as inflection, accent, intonation and phrasing; pace, pause and timing; projection, pitch and emotional range. They will study and research groups as varied as human refugees, animals on the verge of extinction or even forests facing destruction – constructing a monologue to explore the issues and performing it. Through this module pupils will learn empathy for others and more awareness of the world around them, as well as practical performance skills which will aid them in all aspects of their life.

Conspiracy theories
Pupils will develop their critical thinking skills whilst analysing things they might see and hear around them: conspiracy theories, news articles, fake news, advertisements and more. During this module, pupils will use a wide variety of skills: analysing graphs and data, manipulating information, writing to persuade and presentation. Pupils will create their own misleading article, advertisement, news story or presentation using the skills they have acquired.

In this session small groups of pupils will research and produce journalistic reports on areas of interest to them. Pupils will be investigating types of journalistic articles and styles of writing and presentations found in them, discussing features of newspapers and magazines and considering the type of articles needed to make their product interesting and relevant to their target audience. Each group will work collaboratively to produce a single issue newspaper/magazine constructed from the articles produced by their group.