Project 1:  Art Cycle

This year pupils are going to get creative and produce some high-impact, community-focused artwork to transform our school into an ART Gallery.  The theme is ‘UPCYCLING’  and pupils will be learning a whole range of different skills as they create their exciting artworks!

All being well, we may even invite parents in to look at the lovely, creative exhibition.

Project 2: Finance

In this project, pupils will explore enterprise and the skills needed to work as a team.  Pupils will then work in teams to develop and product, which they can market, advertise and sell to produce a profit.

Project 3: Survival skills group:

Our aim is to build an understanding of basic survival skills. This will start with a session using the Commando Joe’s boxes, then move onto real life outside situations.  This is to include a selection from: shelter building and self preservation; foraging; first aid; problem solving; team work; disaster survival tasks; environmental care and protection; self evaluation.