Finance Group:
Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Students are developing skills in numeracy, finance and business. This will help them to understand the value of money, deal with personal finance and investigate the possibilities of entrepreneurship in the future.

Students will explore different occupations, re-numeration and expenditure of a working adult. They will present their ideas to the group, in the style of Dragons’ den; experiencing the tough world of business and finance. This will result in the selection of ideas for manufacture of goods and services for an enterprise session.

Environment group:

Greta Thunberg and Blue Planet 2 have made children and adults alike more conscious that our planet is in crisis. Global warming and plastic pollution are the chosen areas to research as part of the project based learning. Local areas are trying to go plastic free and prevent plastic from entering our oceans, causing long term damage to the ecosystems within.

As well as raising awareness, students are investigating how we can use less plastic (and other waste materials) and also reuse discarded/unwanted plastics and re-purpose some of them. This term students are creating an art installation called “Plastic positive”.

Survival skills group:

Our aim is to build an understanding of basic survival skills. This is to include a selection from: shelter building and self preservation; foraging; first aid; problem solving; team work; disaster survival tasks; environmental care and protection; self evaluation.