Project 1 – Equality

The focus of the project is ‘equality’. Students will study a range of figures from our past and present who have suffered inequality. They will consider the type of inequality they faced and how they fought against it. Students will then produce an informative poster about their chosen person. This poster will be used to support the students to create a video, which could be a documentary, a short sketch or a news report about a significant event in their chosen person’s life.

Project 2 – Wellness

Children explore what it means to be a ‘well-balanced person’. We focus on what well-being is; being active, resilience, respectfulness, kind and being aware that everyone is different. Each session is centred around a specific task or tasks related to each focus point e.g. creating an exercise programme in the ‘being active’ session.

Project 3 – Kindness through drama

The project is drama-based, with students working on the process of creating drama and the key skills of kindness, resilience and respect that are integral to this process.  Pupils explore the major turning point in British history: The Battle of Hastings.  They embark on group research of 1066 and share the information, then use their knowledge to create a drama on the topic.  Pupils also keep a record of of their learning through Horrible Histories styles sketches which they gather to form a Horrible Histories style document of the era, which may be in the form of poetry, prose or drama.