Project 1: Eco Project

In this unit, pupils will discuss and establish why it is important to be eco-friendly and what we at Valley Gardens can do specifically, to encourage our community to be more eco-friendly. We will look at a wide range of areas including: recycling; reusing and repurposing; reducing waste, including food waste; composting; conserving and enriching  the habitats of wildlife in our school premises and local beach area . 

We hope to involve the wider community in our project and go on visits and invite visitors,  who are experts in the field, into school.

Our project will culminate in an online eco-magazine launch  about our sessions and share what we have learnt, in the hope that the rest of our school and community learn from us.

Project 2: Showtime!

The students will put on a performance of a Roald Dahl script.

In this unit, pupils will play a range of drama and memory games to develop their confidence, creativity, performance and memory skills. Pupils will then work on performance skills, learning lines, rehearsing their play script and in the end, perform their play.

We will explore character, discussing what a performer might do to ‘become’ their role – this could be facial expressions, body language, volume and intonation, props and costumes. Students will design a costume for their character and perform the script, firstly to each other to get peer advice from constructive feedback, then culminating with a performance of each play script.

Project 3: Greencar Project **

In this unit pupils will focus on transport and it’s environmental impact. Pupils will develop their life skills through a range of activities, including practical tasks, research and theory. Throughout the project pupils will work towards completing a “driving licence.” There may be opportunities for pupils to extend their learning at home helping with maintenance of a vehicle.

**This unit is currently being reviewed and updated.  Additional information will be posted in January 2022.