At Valley Gardens Middle School we aspire to deliver a music provision that inspires and motivates every learner to become a confident young musician.  Our music curriculum encourages our young people to actively engage with music through singing, performing, composing and listening as well as the opportunity to develop a rich musical knowledge.  We celebrate the diverse musical talents of our young people and encourage these talents to be enjoyed and shared within our school as well as our wider community.

Each class receives one music lesson per week.  Year 6, 7 and 8 are taught by a subject specialist in a block of classrooms that are fully equipped with an impressive range of high quality classroom instruments including keyboards, ukuleles and samba kit as well as a class set of iPads.  A small team of teachers, led by our Head of Music, delivers music lessons to our year 5 classes.

In addition to curriculum time, pupils at key stage two benefit from weekly year group singing practices.

The following skills form the basis of the musical learning that takes place.

  •       Perform – Play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using the voice and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency and control.
  •       Create – Improvise, arrange and compose music for a range of purposes developing compositional techniques.  Use staff and other musical notations as appropriate.
  •       Listen – Actively engage with music and respond through discussion, written observations, movement, musical reply or emotional reactions.

Musical knowledge is also a priority and therefore the following will form a key part of learning.

  •       Musical Elements
  •       Notation
  •       Music from a range of style and genres
  •       Composers and Musicians
  •       Music Technology


Music Department Curriculum Maps

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