Life Studies offers an opportunity to learn about the some of the world’s main religions, as well as exploring moral issues and considering ultimate questions.

The Religious Education element follows the North Tyneside Agreed Syllabus. Emphasis is placed on allowing pupils to explore religion in a tolerant atmosphere. The overall aim is not to indoctrinate, but to develop respect for different beliefs and to enable individual pupils to discover their own personal values.

Methods of study are varied. Pupils can involve themselves in role play and discussion work, as well as creative writing, non-fiction writing and project work. A variety of resources are employed and use is made of artefacts, the Internet, video, CD-roms and audio cassettes where appropriate.

The two attainment targets in RE are ‘Learning About Religion’ and ‘Learning from Religion,’ both of these elements are explored in each year group. Through these attainment targets, pupils learn about religion, but can also derive personal insight and develop their own responses to religious issues. The Agreed Syllabusย is regularly updated and reviewed by North Tyneside.

If the parents of any pupil request that he / she be excused from attendance at acts of collective worship or Religious Education the pupil shall be excused. Parents are urged to consider carefully before taking such a step.


Autumn Term


What are the key beliefs of Islam?

How did Islam develop in Makkah?

How did different groups react to the new ideas being presented by Muhammad?

What is the Hajj, and why is it so important to Muslims?


Spring Term

Ultimate Questions

What are ultimate questions?

How did we get here?

What happens after you die?

Is there proof that God does not exist?

Summer Term


How did Sikhism begin, and how was it developed?

What are the key beliefs of Sikhism?

How do Sikhs worship?
How does the langar reflect Sikh values?

Autumn Term

Moral Issues

What is a moral issue?

Should animals have rights?

Should advertising be honest?

Should the death penalty be reintroduced?

Should aid be given to other countries?


Spring Term

Conveying meaning in Christianity

What is the Trinity?

What are the key Christian beliefs?

Was Jesus just an ordinary man?

How did Jesus use parables?


Summer: Religious comparison

How do religions deal with a range of moral issues?

Why do some religions share ideas and values?ย  Why do they differ?