School response to Covid 19

As we currently find ourselves in unprecedented times, we as a school have been responding quickly to the ever-changing situation.  This has presented certain challenges as we have moved forward, but the fortitude of staff, resilience of the children and the support of our parental community has been a huge help and we would like to thank you for this.

To ease the anxieties that arise as school starts to reopen, we have collected the information and documents relating to the School’s response to Covid 19 in this folder, which allows ease of access to check any of the information that has been issued on the subject since March.  This information includes the letters to parents which have been sent,  the risk assessments completed prior to opening and also outlines the new topic based curriculum, which has been developed for the Year 6 return to school on 15th June.

The detail of the documentation relating to safety demonstrates our overwhelming commitment to the health and safety of pupils and staff as we start to open the school beyond our Key Worker provision.  We hope this will allay any anxieties parents or pupils may have as they start to return to school.  

If parents have any additional queries, we would ask you to contact the school via email on [email protected] if you cannot find the answers here.

Risk Assessments