Kindness – Resilience – Respect

These are the three values which underpin the work that we do in school. Our strategic plans, our relationships with staff, pupils and the local community, our teaching and learning and our behaviour management are all based on the three core values of Kindness, Resilience and Respect.

Kindness is important to us because we firmly believe that a school that has kindness at the heart of its ethos is a place where people can feel safe and want to be. Our pupil voice surveys and activities confirm that pupils feel this way about our school.

Resilience is important to us because modern life can be difficult at time, especially for young people who are exposed to so many pressures. We all have to accept that we can’t always get what we want and that sometimes we fail….. but the ability to bounce back is what makes us strong people, so we tell our students to “Never Give Up”

Respect is important to us because it is about basic human decency. We expect to give and receive respect in equal measures in our interactions in school, whether they are with pupils, staff or members of the wider school community. We don’t view respect as blind compliance, but more about the ability to see the world through others’ eyes and to accept that other people have different views, beliefs and ways of living their lives.

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