Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at Valley Gardens Middle School.

We are actively engaging with the nationally respected Gatsby Benchmarks
career-guidance and welcome any input from parents and carers.

The Gatsby Benchmarks provide the structure to our growing careers
programme which aims to give all our pupils the advice and guidance they
need to make informed decisions about their futures.

How is the careers provision assessed at Valley Gardens?

● Termly review of the school’s achievement of the Gatsby
Benchmarks, with Careers Lead (Mr Jonathan Roys) and SLT link
(Mr Matthew Hope) Evidence is recorded, progress against the
benchmarks is tracked, and used to inform planning for the
following academic year.
● Employers and External providers delivering sessions to pupils
provide feedback throught NTLT regarding relevant knowledge
and attitude of children.
● Evaluations by staff and pupils following any Employer or External
provision to ensure only high quality sessions are repeated.
● The Careers Lead and SLT link meet to assess and improve the
quality of current provision and effectiveness of future provision.

The school careers provision is reviewed to ensure it is fit for purpose and takes account of local, national and international needs and developments in labour markets.
Pupils, parents, staff and employers can access this document to get an
overview of the current provision and to find out more about careers at
our school.

An overview of our careers program can be viewed below:

Please keep checking here, and follow the School twitter feed for updates
to careers news and further advice. The twitter feed will retweet helpful
information for parents and pupils too. Please get in touch if you have anything to offer our CEIAG programme, particularly our Career’s Day in Year 8


Good quality careers education raises the aspirations of all young people. It will increase motivation by linking activities in school with preparation for life. CEIAG will therefore contribute to raising student achievement, help students focus on their longer-term career ambitions and ensure an equality of opportunity for all.

At Valley Gardens, we provide a comprehensive CEIAG programme to students in every year group.  This includes aspects of work-related learning along with enterprise activities, experiences of the workplace and teaches students to reflect on and evaluate their skills and competencies.

Grab every opportunity with both hands. It is never too early to start thinking about your future



As a parent or carer, you have a leading role when your child is making decisions about their potential future career. That is why it’s important to be prepared and feel confident when they come to you for advice.

In Years 5 and 6 we want pupils to develop an awareness of careers and what people in their community do. This prepares pupils and supports their transition for further careers investigation in Key Stage 3. In Years 7 and 8 pupils will look in greater depth at the world of work, meet more employers and develop their own employability skills.  Young people today have more choices than ever before about what to do in the future but there are a number of factors affecting these choices. Youth unemployment, an increasingly competitive job market and fees for higher education all impact on a young person’s future, making it even more important for them to make the right choices for their education, training and employment.

How can you help?

As they make choices and plans for the future, young people need support from the people who know them best; their families. Talk to your son/daughter about careers they are interested in. Find out what they know already and encourage them to explore the online careers resource,Unifrog, or even speak to people about their careers.

Other Useful Careers Links:

● The National Careers Service (including a free chatline) – Click
● Tyne and Wear Connexions service (local advice) – Click Here
● iCould (careers videos) – Click Here
● Job Centre Plus (job hunting and applying) – Click Here
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