School Meals

Please note: from September the price of a school meal is to increase from £2.15 to £2.20 per day for the pupils.

Erasmus Sponsored Rowathon (Year 7)

Erasmus Sponsored Rowathon on Monday 11th December and Tuesday 12th December (7BR).

Each class will be representing one of the countries in our Erasmus project.   Pupils are to be in non uniform,  wearing the colours of the country they are representing.

All pupils must wear trainers, and clothing suitable for rowing.

Please encourage your child to obtain as many sponsors as possible before the event.  Sponsor money can be handed in on the day.

Photography / Video Permissions

We love to celebrate the wonderful work our students are doing in many ways, including publishing photographs and video footage on the school website, on our Twitter/ Facebook pages, and occasionally sharing them with outside organisations such as the BBC, local newspapers, and European partner schools within our Erasmus Key Action 2 project.

You will have already been asked about photographs and permissions when your pupil registered at school. However, in light of upcoming changes in the Data Protection Act, it is vital that we obtain your explicit permission for each of these different situations.

Please note: Children will not be identified by name in any published photograph without explicit prior consent.

It is essential that we receive a response for every pupil, please complete as soon as possible. (Deadline 11 December)

You should have received a link to an online form via text.  Please either complete this form online,  or print a copy of the form and send it into the school office.

Printable Photography – Video Permissions